Raptor Integration Inc. is a modern and innovative company focused on industrial process automation, with roots in the forest industry. Our sophisticated measurement tools employ an array of sensor technologies: vision, X-ray, and laser. Our control systems complete the process by automating the machinery and reporting results back to enterprise information system. Raptor solutions are designed for immediate needs and provide flexibility for future adaptations.




It is important to deliver a project on time and on budget! But that is just the start of the ongoing relationship we value with our clients. We expect aspects of your business to change over time and intend to be there in a supporting role. Support for our systems is a 24/7 commitment. We man the phones with knowledgeable technicians who can provide the critical assistance you need when you need it.


Quality Assurance

Raptor Integration Inc. is dedicated to providing high-performance products, excellent services, and competitive solutions to meet the expectations of customers. Effective project management is the cornerstone to consistent delivery of quality projects and every product undergoes extensive testing before we send it to you.


Health & Safety

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers, and to the environmental protections of the global communities where we work and where our products are in use. We recognize that by integrating sound health practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer innovative products and services while conserving resources for future generations.


Social Responsibility

Raptor adheres to a strong set of corporate values, and has adopted and implemented a number of corporate responsibility policies and practices. At Raptor, conducting business in a responsible manner means providing economic and other benefits to the communities in which we operate while protecting the environment and the safety of the people.