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Raptor's quality control solutions provide remote monitoring of structures and the surrounding environment to collect critical data for engineering analysis. Data transmission and remote diagnostic capability can be accomplished locally or remotely via mobile or satellite network. We integrate the best available technologies to meet the project objectives. Raptor designs, builds, programs, and commissions the systems. We also can provide data collection service and onsite service.

  • Vibrating wire strain gauges with integrated thermistors
  • Temperature probes to measure ground temperature in proximity to the structures
  • Piezometers
  • Thermistors
  • Weather stations capable of measuring air temperature wind speed, wind direction, and solar intensity

  • Data collection based on pre-set frequencies of event triggers
  • Daylight and power consumption calculations to maximize battery life.
  • Remote access via the satellite network will allow for configuration changes, program modifications, and system troubleshooting.