The Raptor WEBSort Lumber Sorting System is a user interface that configures machine centers and tracks production on a lumber-handling trimming and sorting line. The program communicates with the mill PLC via Ethernet.

Raptor WEBSort implements a modern strategy to tackle several common problems that many sorter interfaces experience. Significant advancements in design enable mill-specific customization, ease of use, simplified system recovery and installation procedures, and most notably a low cost of ownership.​ 

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  • Comprehensive machine center configuration for the Trimmer/Sorter area
  • Runs in a web browser on a local network
  • Scalable remote clients deployed at no extra cost beyond the PC itself
  • No proprietary hardware required
  • Easy to deploy as an upgrade to an existing control system
  • Full production report suite
  • Communicates to PLC via Ethernet/ EthernetIP
  • Host program can be installed in company server room, rather than in an environmentally-hostile mill computer room
  • Customized to your mill requirements
This is the economical solution that gives you more!