Custom control system to your mill’s specific requirements

The Raptor WEBSort Lumber Sorting System is a user interface for the purpose of configuring machine centers and tracking production on a lumber handling trimming and sorting line. WEBSort implements an innovative strategy to tackle several common problems that many sorter interfaces experience. These include mill-specific customization, ease of use, simplified system recovery and installation procedures, and most notably, a low cost of ownership.


  • Intuitive results screen with 3D graphics and critical solution information
  • Easily categorize defects with a click of the mouse
  • AI and machine learning improve defect-recognition accuracy as sample size increases
  • Quick access to solution diagnostics with graphical tools for analysis
  • Browser-based user interface. Accessible by tablet or any connected device


Profile Sensors Laser dot (visible) sensors at .333” spacing @ 3 kHz
Tracheid Speed 1.5 kHz
Colour Vision 0.02″ x 0.01″ / 0.5 mm x 0.25 mm
Sensor configurations          Transverse scanning with single or multi zones.
Operating System Windows 10
Data Storage SQL Server
PLC Interface ControlLogix