Superior recovery from high density scanning at high speeds.

The StemScanner-Q is the latest innovation in log quality scanning and optimization technology. Log surface geometry, as well as internal defects, are detected. This critical data is used to determine the value of the raw material and the best use in final products. Industrial X-ray data is combined with the geometric 3D model of surface characteristics such as ovality, taper, sweep and surface irregularities to provide the complete story of each log. The system can be used for log sorting, scaling, and revenue calculations. The LSQ is the first component for traceability analysis of lumber in the digital sawmill.


  • Ovality, taper, sweep measurement
  • Under bark measurement
  • Knot detection
  • Annual ring separation
  • Heartwood diameter
  • Species detection
  • Metal and object detection
  • Rot detection


Profile sensors Line laser (visible), scanning up to 5,000 Hz
X-ray sensors 2 directional x-ray, 30” max diameter log
Operating System Windows 10
Data Storage SQL Server
PLC interface ControlLogix, Siemens