FlitchScanner-Q | Porcupine

Raptor supplied a FlitchScanner-Q (FSQ) for the Porcupine sawmill in Salmo, BC. The FSQ provides optimization and grade scanning technology for Porcupine’s edger. The FSQ uses 3D vision and tracheid scanning to accurately detect surface defects such as knots, rot, bark, pith, stain, and pitch pockets.

WEBSort & Planermill Controls | Claude Howard Lumber

This was a turn-key project supplied by Raptor and Pich√©. The new planer mill is capable of running 2×4 through 2×12. The existing planer mill sorter was retrofitted from J-bar to drag chain. A bias transfer connects the new sorter to the existing sorter. The two mills can run independently; or they can run in tandem, with both receiving lumber from the new line. The different modes of operation are controlled through Raptor’s WEBSort interface.

BoardScanner, Sorter, & Stacker | Gilbert Smith Forest Products

Raptor supplied a new BoardScanner trimmer optimizer and controls for the dual sorter line and stacking system at Gilbert Smith Forest Products in Barriere, BC. The trim line receives rough lumber from the sawmill and dressed boards from the planer, processing them through a single scanner.

Edger Optimizer Upgrade | Gilbert Smith

At Gilbert Smith Forest Products, we upgraded a legacy scanner to a new Raptor FlitchScanner Edger Optimizer. The installation was completed over the weekend. The existing scanner frame was reused so there was no need to disturb the existing mechanical set-up.

StemScanner & Merchandiser Controls | Abbeville Forest Products

Raptor installed a StemScanner at Abbeville Forest Products in Alabama. The system provides scanning and optimization at the Merchandiser. Abbeville’s Merchandiser has four flying saws that the optimizer considers when producing cut combinations. The system makes decisions based on products contained within each stem and provides information on grade that’s used at downstream machine centers.

Planermill | BSQ | North Fork Lumber

Raptor supplied an AutoGrader BoardScanner-Q (BSQ) and controls for dual-sorting and stacking lines at North Fork Lumber. This mill runs green rough Douglas Fir, HemFir, and Larch. The boards and timbers are cut to length by a dimension trimmer followed by a PET trimmer.  Then they feed into two drag chain sorters with the planers, just prior to the stacking lines.

BoardScanner, WEBSort, & Controls Upgrade | Hampton Banks

Hampton Banks Sawmill, located just west of Portland produces Green Douglas Fir. The mill was operating with an offshore trimmer optimizer and controls system that did not meet their needs. Raptor supplied a BoardScanner Trimmer Optimizer with custom frame, WEBSort UI, and upgraded their ControlLogix program.

LogScanner (HewSaw) | Gilbert Smith Forest Products

Raptor provided scanning and optimization for Gilbert Smith’s HewSaw. Three sensors were placed on the HewSaw infeed that measure the profile of each log as they pass through the scan zone. The logs are scanned with 400 profiles per second. Each profile contains up to 640 scan points. The optimization software processes thousands of possible decisions for each log to find the highest value solution.