Superior recovery from high density scanning at the sawmill trimmer.

Raptor's BoardScanner produces the highest value trimmed board presented to the sawmill trimmer. High-density scanning models surface characteristics to accurately identify wane, machine damage, holes, rot along with other surface irregularities. The BoardScanner runs stand-alone or fully integrated with Raptor’s WEBSort, eliminating redundancies and incompatibilities experienced with a separate sorting system.


  • Customizable grading algorithms to suit product rules defined by the customer
  • Board set-up that matches Raptor’s FX85-E edger optimization
  •  Minimizes resident boards circulating from the edger
  • Supports multi-saw trimmers, flying or separate PET
  • Can evaluate for single edge and/or single face wane
  • Configurable wild trim – lift far or near saw to leave a specified amount of extra wood
  • Non-wane defect allowance – deducts certain defects from wane calculations
  • Support for multiple wane dips – location and size defined by the user
  • Logic to detect and trim rot, voids, and splits with three levels of depth configuration
  • Unlimited number of grades
  • Cosmetic trim controlled by the user
  • Extensive multi-board ability including sorting all pieces, dropping out the lower grade, lift saws and sending full length to sorter as well as the configuration of allowed combinations
  •  Intuitive results screen with 3D graphics and critical solution information
  • Quick access to solution diagnostics with graphical tools for analysis
  • Browser-based user interface. Accessible by tablet or any connected device
  • Simulation mode allows users to manually change configuration variables to simulate results and provide in-depth analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting package


Sensors (transverse scan) Laser dot (visible) sensors at .333” @3 kHz   
Operating System Windows 10
Data Storage SQL Server
PLC Interface ControlLogix