Custom sorting software for your mill's specific requirements.

Raptor's WEBSort Lumber Sorting System is a user interface for the purpose of configuring machine centers and tracking production on a lumber handling trimming and sorting line. WEBSort implements an innovative strategy to tackle several common problems that many sorter interfaces experience. These include mill-specific customization, ease of use, simplified system recovery and installation procedures, and most notably, a low cost of ownership.


  • Comprehensive machine center configuration for the Trimmer/Sorter area
  • Browser-based user interface. Accessible from a tablet or any connected device
  • Scalable remote clients are deployed at no extra cost beyond the PC itself
  • Easy to deploy as an upgrade to an existing control system
  • Computers can reside in the remote server room
  • Product-based sorting configuration
  • Sorter zone control and auto dumping features
  • Displays board production in real-time
  • Production screen clearly indicates bin status, lug fill, grade out turn, volume and products produced
  • Timing page for mechanical device actuation points
  • Alarm configuration and monitoring
  • VFD interface for drive synchronization
  • Machine diagnostic page
  • Shift scheduler
  • Package order tracking
  • Downtime tracking and analysis
  • DCS and inventory system interface
  • Quick and simplified system recovery procedures that minimize data entry
  • Comprehensive Production Reports
  • KPI Dashboard on large screen TV displays mill performance metrics in real-time
  • Mill-specific customization for your unique requirements


Operating System      Windows 10
Data Storage SQL Servicer
PLC Interface ControlLogix