High speed lineal log scanning with curve sawing and profiling capabilities.

The LogScanner Optimizer produces the highest value of cants and board combinations at the primary breakdown machine center. The system supports single or multiple linear scan zones to build a 3D model of the stem at high production speeds. Scan density is determined by the sensor of choice with typical resolutions in the range of ½” to 2” between slices. High-density scanning models surface characteristics such as ovality, taper, sweep and surface irregularities. Curve sawing and profiling capabilities to ensure maximum recovery while taking a load off your edger. Utilized on small log machines and gangs.


  • Product set-up matching Raptors stem optimization
  • Route specific cants to the preferred downstream machine center
  • Horizontal or vertical saws orientation
  • Rotation calculations
  • Supports multiple saw clusters with logic for variable pocket sizes
  • Intuitive results screen with 3D graphics and critical solution information
  • Quick access to solution diagnostics with graphical tools for analysis
  • Browser-based user interface. Accessible by tablet or any connected device
  • Simulation mode allows user to manually change configuration variables to simulate results and provide in-depth analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting package


Sensors Line laser (visible), scanning up to 5,000 Hz, near-infrared available for outdoor applications
Sensor configurations Single or multi zones. Option for two, three or four scan heads per zone. Indoor and outdoor designs
Operating System Windows 10
Data Storage SQL Server
PLC Interface ControlLogix